Unique design,
great comfort,
great to sail.
Aira 22

A newly developed open boat. A special team has worked hard in recent years to make a special boat. A boat that makes ‘Sailing Together’ very attractive.

Stockholm/Gustavsberg Boatshow
30th aug – 1st sept 2019
Interboot Friedrichshafen
21st – 29th sept 2019
Aira 22 – SailTogether

Sail Together

The Aira 22 is ideally suited for sailing together with friends and family. From parents to sons and daughters. It fits from two to six people. The boat is especially fitting for clubs and sailing schools because of it’s combination of comfortable seating and sporty sailing potential.

Aira sailing impression

On the Geeuw at Sneek, autumn 2017.

Great to sail

Its characteristic modern lines and long waterline make for optimal sailing. Great for sailing close hauled, through the inward, appropriately sized jib. The wide transom is for good downwind sailing. The keel is specially designed with lead bulb and profiled rudder.

Meet our 3 Types

ClubSailer – CS  met rubber stootrand en neus

ClubSailer – CS

clubs, sailing schools, rental

DaySailer – DS

DaySailer – DS

for families and friends

MatchRacer – MR

MatchRacer – MR

with gennaker


We have paid a lot of attention to designing a comfortable boat because we know from experience that many boats are sailing well but are not comfortable.

Comfortabele cushions

Well-fitting benches

Swivel table

Retractable motor

Both the seat and the backrest are bended in the right place to sit well under all circumstances. You can also sit on the side and the rounded wide cockpit edge.

The soft pillows provide extra comfort. The cushions fit well in the front. The extra sturdy table can be rotated in several positions and also fits in the front. The electric motor in the rear can automatically go down and up through a newly developed mechanism in 7 seconds. Because of this there is no hassle with petrol and with putting on an outboard engine.