Aira for Business

Aira for Business

Sailing school and rental company De Randmeren in Biddinghuizen

Rental companies

We have also developed the Aira as a suitable boat for rental companies. There are already several rental companies in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark that have successfully included the Aira in their rental fleet. By pricing the boat slightly higher than boats of the previous generation, the yields can be called excellent.

The comfort and the cushions provide a lot of sailing pleasure. The rotatable table also provides more comfort on board. The boom is positioned a little higher so that unexpected jibes won’t hurt as long as you’re seated. If the boat is tilting you will see all boats on the leeward side as long as you are on the beacon. This feels very nice when sailing.

The boat can be equipped with a rubber nose and rub rail.

The Aira sails almost dry due to the higher freeboard and the cap in front of the mast.

The founder of Aira Boats himself has had many rental boats at his sailing schools. We would like to use the Aira for rental companies. We see that greater comfort contributes to good customer experiences. You can contact


DHH in Prien, a great sailing school and association located at the Chiemsee

Sailing schools

The Aira 22 has the lines of a modern sports boat and is therefore really a sailing boat of the current generation. We wanted to develop a contemporary boat that was also suitable for sailing instruction for 4 or 5 people. Important characteristics are: very good sailing, a lot of stability. There are plenty of trim options such as the adjustable foot, the adjustable guide rails, the double reef to turn novice sailors into experienced sailors. The boat is equipped with modern fittings and furling jib and two single line reefs based on the belief that students should learn to use modern boats and equipment.

Sailing schools are now sailing in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and the Czech Republic with the Aira 22. In Denmark and Germany on salt water and in rough conditions, the boat has proven to be suitable for CE category C (coastal waters, Beaufort 6, wave height 2 meters).

The boats are usually equipped with a rubber nose and rub rail.

We would like, together with you, to teach the next generation how to sail well in this contemporary Daysailer. Aira Boats likes sailing schools and likes to see her boats sail there. You can contact


Yachtclub Sankt Moritz based at the Lake of St. Moritz, Switzerland


More and more associations understand that own boats are important to bind members and to recruit new members. The Aira is a boat that is suitable for learning to sail for both children and adults for both beginners and advanced.

The boat is also widely used for club competitions because you can easily sail it with 2 – 5 people. The gennaker is suitable for advanced students to learn more techniques.

At the moment there are several clubs in Germany that have purchased Aira’s. You can contact


Aira Dealer
Ludovic, our dealer in the South of France, Marseillan


The Aira 22 is sold directly by the builder and developer and in some countries through dealers.

It is a boat suitable for many target groups: private persons, sailing schools, lessors and associations.

Thanks to the good quality, the excellent tests and the competitive pricing, the boat has become a great European success in a short time. In the first 3 years, a total of more than 100 were sold and that number is increasing every year.

Are you a seller of boats in a certain country/region and do you think that the Aira can be an addition to your offer, please contact We have a very experienced dealer advisor who helps us with these contacts.

Do you want to know more about the Aira 22? Send an email to or call +31 (0) 515 218400