About Aira Boats

About Aira Boats

Aira Boats is a Dutch company that builds modern sailboats. We develop proper sailing, comfortable and affordable Daysailers.

About us

We have decades of experience with open sailboats and we saw that we could fundamentally improve them. We develop the Aira 22 with the help of good designers and modern technology. In Sneek we work every day on this new generation Daysailer. We opt for our own development if we think we can do better. The in-house developed motor system, which is small, fast, handy and competitively priced, is one of such developments.

The name Aira

The name is derived from the word ‘Air’. After all, as sailors we’re heavily depended on moving air. The name had to be short, distinctive and friendly. A lot of people also say Aria, but that’s spelled backwards. The logo with the windsock which also derives from ‘Air’, fits in well. Our customers explained to us that the windsock always had to blow backwards on the boat. As they take the logo literally, we now have a port and starboard version of the Aira logo.

Do you want to know more about the Aira 22? Send an email to info@airaboats.nl or call +31 (0) 515 218400

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