Good and comfortable sailing

Good and comfortable sailing

The combination of modern lines and great comfort makes the Aira 22 a boat that sails pleasantly and easily. We have paid a lot of attention to sitting comfortably and at the same time you can also sail well in the Aira 22.

Good sailing

Due to the modern lines and long waterline, the sailing characteristics are very good. The slightly larger width and the lead bulb keel provide a lot of stability. The boat sails high in the wind through the not too large jib, which is carried inwards. The stern is wide for good spacious windy sailing characteristics. The Aira steers very easily thanks to the profiled rudder blade with balance section. A good sailing boat makes sailing very easy.

A lot of comfort

We have paid a lot of attention to designing a comfortable boat because we know from experience that many boats sail well, but are not comfortable. Thanks to comfortable cushions, well-fitting benches, a higher boom and a rotating table, this is a thing of the past with the Aira 22. The boat has a slightly higher freeboard than usual, so it hardly splashes. You can comfortably sail with it for a whole day.

Sporty sailing

For those who love going fast, our configurator has a version ready with gennaker and suspension straps. The flat underwater hull provides excellent planing properties. You can sail more than 10 knots with it in strong winds. The Aira 22 can also be used for match racing or team sailing competitions.

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