A lot of boat, a lot of value

A lot of boat, a lot of value

Challenging ourselves every day to build the best open sailboat; that’s what we stand for. We see ourselves as innovators in a traditional market. We work smartly, innovatively and effectively on the new generation Daysailer. A boat that sails well, sits comfortably and is affordable.

The philosophy behind the Aira Boats concept

To deliver maximum value to our customer, we aim to be smart, innovative and effective in everything we do. This philosophy is a common thread running through our process. From design and production, to cooperation with partners and customers.

Building more boats means more efficiency

From the very first ideas for a new open sailboat, we started from production in large numbers. By setting up a special, in-house production line, purchasing in bulk and devising smart parts, we managed to achieve a high level of efficiency. This way, we are able to offer much more quality and functionality than the previous generation Daysailer.

Aira 22: The new generation Daysailer

The design by Simonis-Voogd Design combines the lines of a modern sports boat with comfortable seating. The square top mainsail, the short jib, the self-draining cockpit, the benches and an electrically retractable electric motor characterize the new generation Daysailer. The Aira 22 is ideally suited for sailing together. With friends, family, parents and children. One day pleasant sailing, the next sporty. It fits and is all possible.

Do you want to know more about the Aira 22? Send an email to info@airaboats.nl or call +31 (0) 515 218400