Prisgunstig dagseiler fra Holland

Aira 22 is a comfortable family boat for less than 200,000 kroner.

Boats from the Netherlands usually mean two things, high price and high quality. Aira 22 appears to be well built and well thought out, but the price is surprisingly low. The reason for the low price should be that the boat requires a few hours to produce. The boat with a total weight of just 700 kilos is designed by Simonis Voogd.


PLASS: 22-foteren har en lang cockpit. Det er godt med stueplass under benkene. Bak er det plass til en elmotor,

BOAT: The 22-footer has a long cockpit. It is good with a living area under the benches. Behind there is room for an electric motor.


Aira 22 is initially developed as a simple and fun boat for sailing schools, and rental companies. The boat has a huge self-catering cockpit, and seats up to six adult sailors. But the manufacturer wants to expand the market and has launched two upgraded versions. A family version for hiking, where there are comfortable cushions on the benches, and a small cockpit table, and a regatta version for browsing. Both have a submersible electric motor.

MOTOR: Elmotoren på ca 3 hk koster under 20 000 ekstra. I tillegg kommer litiumbatteri.

MOTOR: The electric motor of about 3 hp costs less than 20,000 extra. In addition, lithium battery comes.

Basic and deep cold

The school version has a 250 kilogram fixed jug on the bulb and only 90 cm, perfect for the canals and lakes in the Netherlands. The regatta version has a pull-out 1.15 meter flap of equal weight.

The boat has a modern aluminum rig without a stern. The 14 square foot large sail has a modern square top.

The boat has a small superstructure, but no decor. With the overlay provides protection for pick up and equipment.

Big interest

Aira 22 starts at € 14,500 as a school boat. The MatchRacer version is 15 850, while DaySailor costs 17,745 including electric motor and pillows. Prices include VAT in the Netherlands. Even with high euro rates, it is possible to get a well-equipped boat to Norway for less than 200,000 kroner.

Jos Snijders Blok from Aira tells about high interest from Denmark and Sweden, but not from Norway. The boat has recently acquired a market throughout Europe.

INTERESSE: Aira 22 fikk mye oppmerksomhet i Dusseldorf.

INTEREST: Aira 22 got a lot of attention in Dusseldorf.


Axel Nissen-Lie

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