Aira 22: Ny hollandsk dagsejler

Aira 22: New Dutch day sailor

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Aira 22: New Dutch day sailor for 120,000 SEK. Sailing clear
Now sailboat to the people. The price for comfortable Aira 22 is basically the top quality, we found during a visit at das boat in Düsseldorf.

The high performance boat is built in the Netherlands in Sneek, which is a few hours’ drive from Hamburg. Read more about this The boat is 6.5 meters long, 2.2 meters wide, fixed keel sticks 0.9m, raise-lowering keel 1.15m, weight 700kg, weighing 250kg. Design: Simonis – Voogd.

See’s interview with young Aira 22-seller who sails daily for a match race.


24-01-2018 15:50 | AF TROLE LYKKE